You Can MINDSHIFT That Negative MINDSET!

The NUMBER 1 REASON that it seems so difficult for you to set goals and actually accomplish them is:


The NUMBER 1 REASON that you’re having issues with fear, procrastination & feeling “stuck” is:


That NEGATIVE MINDSET is your dream killer & your success destroyer!


To begin mindshifting that negative mindset, you want to first identify some of the signs of a negative mindset, so you can determine some of the mindsets that are keeping you stuck and killing your dreams and successes!


  • You’re unhappy more OR AS MUCH AS, you’re happy.
  • You worry A LOT about things THAT YOU DON’T HAVE CONTROL OVER.
  • You regularly complain about situations NEARLY EVERYWHERE YOU GO.


I know about this personally, because it took me a long time to realize that I had developed a negative mindset

I was unhappy as much as and sometimes more than I was happy and what I was unhappy about would replay in my mind off and on-over and over again!

I worried about things that I had no control; AND

I was definitely a complainer—and I thought I was just pointing things out that needed to be changed—when the reality was, my mind was focusing on the negative aspects of my environment so much, that it was like my mind didn’t recognize the positive aspects of my environment nearly as much as the negative aspects.

So when I realized that I actually had developed negative mindsets-I was determined to find out why I had negative mindsets and discover how I could go from looking at things from a negative point-of-view to looking at things either at “face value” or from a positive point-of-view.

And I’M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU to just switch from a negative view to a positive view, BECAUSE SOME THINGS you need to view from a “face value” viewpoint—because everything isn’t either negative or positive, so that face value category is an important category


The definition of “mindset” is the “established set of attitudes held by someone”.  So you have developed particular attitudes or ways of thinking about all of the issues that you have experienced in your life!  Your mindsets have developed because of what you have been taught, what you have experienced and what you have observed.

Most of us end up developing negative mindsets because we experience difficult situations that are attached to an emotional experience that tends to activate our “fight or flight” biological response, that really is there to protect us.


When you experience a difficult situation it usually causes an emotion and a biological response.   Your pulse begins to increase, your heart beat increases and you can feel your emotions become increasingly activated.

Everything that is happening at that very moment is causing your mind to conclude you are in a somewhat “life or death” situation (at least your mind considers it that serious, even if it isn’t), so your brain begins to send out signals to different parts of your body that will tell your mind that you have to make a serious decision about whether you should get ready to “fight” in this difficult situation or whether you should get ready for “flight” or to run from this difficult situation.

Now once you have gone through this difficult situation, your mind will remember it and will also remember how your body and mind responded to that difficult situation.  So if you experience a situation similar, even if it actually is not an actual difficult situation,  your mind will try to convince you to respond in the same way as you did originally, even if you now know that your original response was not a positive response or the best response.

Over time, the more that “mindset” is set in your mind and is not “mindshifted” to a more positive or better response, your mind will keep you repeating the same types of behaviors and making the same types of decisions over and over again, even when you know you want to change!

So for instance, if you were given a great job promotion:

That Negative Mindset could cause you to look at that promotion: As now you have a lot more responsibilities so your job will be a lot more stressful.  Now you’re going to have to supervise several people, so you will have to develop skills that you don’t currently have and that will be hard.  That negative mindset will even have you complaining that now that you’re making more money, you’re going to have to pay more taxes.

A Mindshifted Positive Mindset could cause you to look at that promotion: As now you have a lot more responsibilities so you will be a lot more marketable at this company.   Now you can develop more skills and be sought after by other companies that will provide you with even greater opportunities, or maybe you can learn more skills to start your own business.  That mindshifted positive mindset will have you focusing on the opportunities instead of the obstacles!


So overall, your mind is extremely powerful but you have power over your mind!  This means that you actually can develop the power to override those negative mindsets and mindshift them into positive mindsets.  This will empower you to be able to increase your focus, motivation, confidence and decision-making power, so you can determine what goals you should be focusing on now!  This is really important because once you can pinpoint what your current focus should be, now you can move forward with determining the right outcomes, the right whys and the right action steps to accomplish those goals and get to the next levels in your personal & professional life!