Life Strategies

These are just some of the reasons that you need  Mindshift Strategy empowerment in your life:

  1. 1. To identify negative habits & mindsets that are holding you back from your breakthroughs in your personal & professional life.
  2. 2. To increase your focus so you can accomplish your goals.
  3. 3. To increase your motivation so you develop your purposes.
  4. 4. To increase your confidence, so you can excel in your personal & professional life.
  5. 5. To identify success blockers that are keeping you stuck.
  6. 6. To identify success promoters so you can stop being a procrastinator and accomplish your goals.
  7. 7. So You Can Mindshift & Live Your Best Life Yet!

Understand that the decisions that seem like they are just personal, can have a huge impact on your family!

Your decisions will determine your personal well-being balance, as well as the well-being balance of your family!


Davis-Yancey Strategy Centers is the hub of 2 Separate businesses that provide you with legal, business & life services!  This hub includes Davis-Yancey Law & Associates, PLLC and Mindshift Consortium, LLC

Some of the tools that you can receive to achieve your  well-being balance are:

  •  1. Mindshift  tools to identify and shift negative habits & mindsets;
  • 2. Mindshift  tools to increase your focus, motivation, confidence & decision-making power;
  • 3. Mindshift Breakthrough tools to stop being “stuck”;
  • 4. Mindshift tools so you can stop procrastinating;
  • 5. Meditative Intervention™ techniques to relieve stress and gain mind clarity and peace;
  • 6. Meditative Intervention™ techniques to discover your purposes & passions;
  • 7. Additional Mindshift empowerment tools, so you can get to the next levels in your personal & professional

Always remember that YOUR Strategies Determine Your Family Legacy™ & YOU want to be ready to make the most impactful strategies!


We Want To Help You!