Gwen Davis-Yancey is the Founder & Creator of The You Can Mindshift Movement™ & The You Can Mindshift™ Mobile Apps!

Gwen’s main purpose is to empower you to shift from unfulfillment to fulfillment so you can bridge your career & your calling and live your best life yet!

She uses her over 25 years  as a Family Law Attorney & Counselor to develop her extensive expertise as a Mindshift Fulfillment Strategist!  

Gwen’s calling is to empower you to discover what your fulfillment looks like, feels like and is like!

She has a Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Detroit School of Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology through the School of Education at Wayne State University.

Gwen was endorsed to teach biology, chemistry and math and specifically taught General Chemistry and Physical Science for the Detroit Public Schools.   

She also has a Master’s Certificate in Human Resource Management, along with being a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Goal Attainment Coach, Certified Empowerment Coach and Certified Success Coach.

Gwen has been certified as a Master Coach and is also a Certified Life Coach Trainer with a goal to certify thousands of Life Coaches.

She graduated Valedictorian from Faith Bible Institute and received her Ministerial License from CJ Ministries. 

Gwen is also an author, key note speaker & workshop facilitator and has been representing & coaching her clients since 1994!

She is the Founder & Owner of  Davis-Yancey Law & Associates, PLLC and You Can Mindshift, LLC. 

In 2016, Gwen Davis-Yancey was voted Michigan Top Lawyer in Family Law. In 2017, 2018 & 2019, her law firm received the momentous honor of being named 10 Best Firms in Client Satisfaction in Family Law! 

Gwen is also the creator of signature coaching programs such as  Mindshift Fulfillment Unlimited, Meditative Interventions Replacement Imagery™, Empowerment-DNA Blueprint™, “Walk On Your Story”  and Mindshift Breakthrough Bridge™. 

 Gwen strongly believes that when people learn to shift their mindsets and habits they can change the entire dynamics and direction of their life and the lives of their circle of influence.

As a long-term resident of Metro Detroit, Gwen is a wife and mother of five children and four grandchildren and knows one of her purposes in life is to empower people to realize that You Can Mindshift Your Life, Your Wealth & Your World to Live Your Best Life Yet!

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Most of you bring loads of “negative baggage” into your marriages and relationships and when the relationship starts to sink, more negativity is dumped into your suitcase of “negative baggage”, which makes it extremely hard for you to focus, get motivated, remain confident or make great decisions.

Your decisions impact various areas of your life and the lives of your family and your circle of influence. So even though you are experiencing difficult challenges, the “Davis-Yancey Difference is providing you with empowering aggressive representation AND strategies that can empower you and your family for years to come! We clearly understand that “Strategies Determine Your Family Legacy!™

So whether you need us because you’re going through a divorce, custody battle or other type of difficult life challenge, making powerful decisions can seem impossible. That’s where DYSC comes in strong.

We can combine our powerful, aggressive, compassionate legal representation with our strategic business & life coaching, whether you are starting a legal case or your legal case is already over and you need to regroup!

At DYSC, we are determined to empower you to shift the way that you think so you can make the most powerful legal, business and life decisions, so YOU CAN LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE YET!


We Want To Help You!