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Over the decades of representing & coaching my law clients and going through my own personal challenges, I discovered I had something in common with nearly all of my clients.

What is that common “thing” that I discovered?  Well most of us have gone through different  types of “breakups”, that have caused you to develop unproductive habits & mindsets. As a matter of fact, your  very FIRST BREAKUP WAS WITH YOURSELF!

Your “breakup with yourself” happened because of all those difficult experiences that you unfortunately went through.  I’m so sorry that you had to go through those difficult experiences, but the GOOD NEWS is you can Mindshift from them and even use them to your advantage!

So what did those difficult experiences do to you?

Well, those difficult experiences caused you to develop unproductive habits & mindsets that are keeping you “stuck” and keeping you a “procrastinator”.

Those unproductive habits & mindsets  ALSO  affected your ability to stay focused, get motivated, be confident and make strategic decisions.

And of course all of this, caused you to get “stuck” and develop those procrastination habits & mindsets that interfere with you living your best life that you deserve to live!

So, if you are going through a divorce, custody, probate or another type of legal and/or life matter, making strategic decisions can seem impossible!

That’s were Davis-Yancey Strategy Centers comes in STRONG!

Davis-Yancey Strategy Centers is the hub of 2 Separate businesses that provide you with legal, business & life services that you need during your difficult time!

You can receive our powerful, aggressive & compassionate legal representation through Davis-Yancey Law, PLLC  

You can receive compassionate, highly strategic mindshift & empowerment coaching through Mindshift Consortum, LLC.

We are determined to empower you to shift your habits & mindsets, so your decisions are the most strategic & successful!

Always remember that  Strategies Determine Your Family Legacy™!

 And YOU want to be ready to make the most impactful & empowered strategies!



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