Shift & Empower Your Day With Purposeful Confidence to Think Positive Thoughts!

When so many things are happening all around you, especially with the Covid-19 Pandemic , the last thing that’s probably rolling around your mind are positive thoughts!

Some of my days are so involved from empowering my law clients who are going through difficult family matters to empowering my coaching clients who are going through difficult personal, family or professional matters, especially during this stay-at-home shutdown.

But I always take the time to think of something positive so the day “shifts and empowers” me to keep progressing!

You can shift & empower your day with positive thoughts too!

Being able to shift your day with positive thoughts takes increased confidence or those negative thoughts will try to take over!  

This is why it takes purposeful confidence to practice overtaking negative thoughts with purposeful positive thoughts!  It’s important to discover how to do this so you can overtake the urge to say those words that you end up wanting to apology for!

You know, when you say something that you regret and then try to say, I’m sorry!  I didn’t mean it, I was just mad! Technically you probably really did mean it, but you shouldn’t say everything that crosses your mind because the long term damage just isn’t worth it!

So the key is discovering how to use increased confidence to control your thoughts, your words & your actions!  You really can do it–especially when you learn the Power of Visualization!


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With Great Confidence, You Can Mindshift Your Life, Your Wealth & Your World To Live Your Best Life Yet!

-Gwen Davis-Yancey, J.D.

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