As a TV Host & Speaker and Attorney & Mindshift Strategist, I help You shift your mindsets, habits & relationship boundaries, so You Can Mindshift & Live Your Best Life Yet, personally & professionally!


*You’re amazingly talented at what you do! *You want to live your best life, but don’t know where to start & how to get there! *You have various degrees or certifications, yet you question your capabilities, causing you to doubt yourself and your ability to move forward personally & professionally! *You want to take your gifts, talents, purposes & passions to the next level but you can’t figure out what’s stopping you! *You’ve had a “breakup with yourself” and developed mindsets & habits, causing procrastination, self-doubt or feeling “not good enough” that is stopping you from going where you want to go personally & professionally!

You want help so YOU CAN Mindshift & Live Your Best Life Yet!

Your life is not made up of compartments. Your life is one big picture. And that one big picture is made up of several puzzles and those puzzle pieces go together. That’s why it’s so important for you to understand that legal, business & life strategies belong together.
Whether you’re dealing with a legal family law issue or not, your decisions impact 2 or more of those areas at all times.
And it is critical to your success and to the success of your family and your circle of influence, for you to be able to see the big picture; for you to be able to develop strategies through the big picture; and make powerful decisions that impact the various areas of your life.
You can learn to mindshift your mindsets, habits & relationship boundaries through Mindshift Consortium which offers our personal & professional coaching and our online courses through Mindshift Strategy Academy.
You can also apply to join our Mindshift Team, which provides you with personal & professional coaching while you train to become a Certified Goal Attainment Coach, Certified Empowerment Coach, Certified Success Coach or our specialized certification as a Mindshift Strategist!

It Is Your Time Now! YOU CAN Mindshift & Live Your Best Life Yet!


    TV Host & Speaker
    Attorney & Mindshift Strategist


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