Attorney Gwen Davis-Yancey
Mindshift Strategist 



I empower you to Reset your confidence so you can increase your focus & motivation and shift your mindsets & habits to identify and accomplish your goals!


  1. 1. You are amazingly talented but need a blueprint on how to use your talents!
  2. 2. You want to shift your mindsets, habits & relationship boundaries but don’t know where to start!
  3. 3. You want to increase your focus, motivation & confidence so you can progress consistently!
  4. 4. You want to live your best life and need to discover how!

Discovering & Aligning With Your True Confidence is Important Whether You Are Developing Your Team or Yourself!

The overall goal is to  Mindshift Your Life, Your Wealth & Your World!

Your life is not made up of compartments.  Your life is one big picture made up of several puzzle pieces that you can discover how to fit together and increase your focus, motivation, confidence & decision-making abilities! 

It all starts with increasing your CONFIDENCE in the various areas of your personal & professional life! 

When confidence is increased, you and/or your team will be unstoppable!   With great confidence, it becomes so much easier to shift and develop positive & goal-attaining mindsets, habits & relationship boundaries! 

With great confidence, you or your team will be able to identify goals and the specific strategies needed to accomplish those goals!

When I learned how to Mindshift, I became Voted Michigan Top Lawyer in Family Law & was Awarded Top 10 Firms for Client Satisfaction!


NOW Is Your Time! 

YOU CAN Mindshift Your Life, Your Wealth & Your World To Live Your Best Life Yet

Legal Strategies

Did you know that the legal decisions you make can either positively or negatively impact your life for years to come? Well it’s true!  So it is imperative that you get empowered to . . .

Business Strategies

I wonder if you knew that running your life & your household is like running a Fortune 500 business!  You are the CEO and the decisions that you make will determine . . .

Life Strategies

Your life and what you do with your life is extremely important, but technically your life is not just “all about you”!  You see, you were born to accomplish specific purposes, so what you do . . .

Talisa Cohen
Talisa CohenProject & Technical Specialist
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Gwen's coaching on identifying my "Why" and "What If" are game changers! ... providing me with plans and knowing what has stopped me from accomplishing particular goals and what type of habits I need to focus on so I can accomplish my goals. I finished motivated & equipped with a detailed Plan!
Michael Van Tull
Michael Van TullCEO & Entrepreneur
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I really enjoyed learning that my motivation comes from my core being; who I am and what my ultimate goals are. Once I activated my core, I am motivated to move forward and upward!
Nina Myers
Nina MyersReal Estate Professional
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...putting into perspective the actual goals I have and how to get there and why you do what you do has been this an amazing experience...and I'm very optimistic about 2019! So thank you!
Jefferson Clay
Jefferson ClayGrant Specialist & Entrepreneur
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I learned about my mindsets, habits & relationship boundaries! I learned don't be scared to willing to change!
Christin Adams
Christin AdamsMompreneur & Tutoring Specialist
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Gwen is amazing & so is her team! I like that Gwen is transparent with her experiences. This is my 3rd session and I feel like I can completely relate to her life's experiences. During my sessions, I now know that I can be whatever I want to be! It's not too late, but I have to start somewhere and now that I can! Believe it! I am worth it!
Jennifer Nelson
Jennifer NelsonAuthor, Entrepreneur & Body Building Champion
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Gwen taught me to mindshift from what naysayers are trying to tell me and how to stay focused on my goals! A few days before my bodybuilding competition, I was nearly ready to quit, but after my in-depth session with Gwen, I was able to mindshift and increase my focus, motivation & confidence! Not only did I go to my competition I won 1st place and it was my first competition! Thanks so much! Gwen
Germain Swanson
Germain SwansonLife Coach & Entrepreneur
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I am glad that I attended because I gained a lot of insight to myself. I found myself answering a lot of questions about changing my habits and shifting my thoughts. I also enjoyed the team members sharing what they knew about the subject material.

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